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Make Money At Home!

Hi!  My name is Carol.  I have been trying to make money at home since 1986 in order to remain home with my young daughter.  I wanted to find a way that I could earn money and at the same time to be free to watch her grow into a beautiful young woman.  While I did not become a multimillionaire, I was able to attend all her school functions and extra non-school functions from grammar school through college and college graduation.  Now I am also to take time off any time to visit my baby granddaughter. Because I am self-employed I am able to take any time off from work at a moment's notice without having to ask permission from my boss - as I am the boss.  I can even work from my time off wherever I am whether it is traveling to having lunch at a restaurant without even feeling guilty.

This website contains many ideas for making money at home. It is my intention to suggest ways to help you in your quest for ways to increase your income at home.  I can not guarantee if you will earn money or how much you will earn as these ideas depend on your quest and hard work for making money at home.  I wish you well with these suggestions.

October 30, 2013:

I know that it has been quite a while since I have posted more news and ideas on this site.  Have you yourself experimented with any ideas?  If you have, please email me and let me know how you are doing in your business.  

A little more information about myself now.  I am 70 years young, who likes to keep busy and as a result I work at home.  It is what keeps me young.  In the past I have taught piano, guitar, accordion, keyboard, organ and melodical in my home since I was a teenager.  I have also performed concerts on stage and in nursing homes. 

I have also taught, designed,  and sold crafts such as knitting, crocheting, fabric painting, tatting, quilling, plastic art, paper pottery, stain glass painting, sparkle ice ceramics, and shrink art.   Some of these skills I have been doing since the age of 5.  

For the last 10 years I have also been experimenting on the computer, even designing my own web pages.  Are you aware you can set up your own web sites free?   

I have also written three books the last 6 years.  I never thought I would become an author in my sixties.

There are so many ways to earn a living at home both in person with your clients and over the internet as I am doing.  It just takes imagination, persevance and a willingness to be adventurous and experiment.  Also what helps is that I am enjoying all these skills.  Try to find something you enjoy doing to earn money.  Who know you may become the next millionnaire. Well this is all for today.  I will write again and add more information in a few days. Bye for now.


Advantages Of Working At Home!

There are many advantages from working at home as your are your own boss:

1. Because you are working at home you can be home with your children and therefore you do not need to have your children in a day care or hire someone outside of family to take care of and raise your children while you are working. Instead you can be home all the time so that you do not miss important items in their lives - like when you baby takes its first step or speaks its first word - or your child is running home from school to let you know an important event that they participated in school.

2. You can get up and work at any time of the day or night.  There are no time clocks to punch into.

3. You can work in your pajamas if you like on some of the jobs.

4. You do not have to lose time being stuck in traffic.

5. You do not have to leave the comforts of your home in bad weather such as snow etc.

6. You can work anywhere in the world and at any time.

7.  Also you do not need to ask your boss when you want to take time off to see your children perform in a school play or you want to play hooky yourself and take time off to travel, etc.

Ways To Earn Money At Home:

Make sure you check with your lawyer, zoning laws, IRS, insurance agent and accountant before doing these things.

Even though the economy is laying off people from their jobs, there are still many creative  ways to earn money by being self-employed.  I live in a senior citizens apartments complex where our cars are parked outside, not in a garage.  Every time it snows, it is hard to clean the snow off so that we can run errands.  The apartment complex does plow the parking area, but there is still the problem of snow on the cars.  My daughter used to clean off the cars for them for a reasonable charge for a couple of years until she started having children.  We all appreciated this service.  We miss this service.  If  you are looking for a way to earn money why not offer this service.  You could charge a fee for the seasonal contract  like snow plowers do or by the trip of each time you brush off the cars.  I know for myself I would appreciate this service and I have in the past.  Why not think about it.  I am sure that there are many senior citizens living in apartments who would appreciate this service.  You would have to check with your insurance company and lawyer, etc. before doing this.  I can not help in the legalities of this service as I am not in that field.  But this is a good thought to earn money at least during the snow season.  

Rent out your extra bedroom(s) on either a roomer or boarder basis.

Offer typing on the computer for anyone in business and for college students who need typing done.

What are your hobbies and interest?  Have you given much thought to selling your finished hobbies?  How about teaching your favorite hobbies and/or interest ideas?

Have you ever thought about writing and publishing a book?  Now is the time to write and sell that wonderful book.

Do you play a musical instrument?  How about thinking about performing or teaching the instrument?

The above ideas I have done throughout the years.  It has been a very happy and learning experiment.  Now I am going to mention  and suggest other ways for which I am expermenting with to earn money.  I am only suggesting these ways - not guaranteeing them.  Feel free to look at all these website and see what you think about them.  You may find one that peeks your interest and helps you make money at home.  But nothing ventured nothing gained as I always say.  Good luck.



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